hateful lover

The laughing Angel, high above
Blessed guardian of truth and love
The living essence of joy and life
A reborn seed, arisen from strife
In my sinful enigma, I never knew her
Instead gave devotion to my corrupt goddess

In shadowed tragedy I’ve made my way
A savage mortal, lost by the day
And during the night that lustful mind
Craves desecrated flesh, no other kind
And I still give revel in my ravenous succubus

From my sleeping masquerade never to rise
An unholy soul, creator of lies
A paranoid demon, deep within
Makes me glorify her blackened spectre

With immaculate aggression, I struggled for long
But the hunting demi-mortal broke me through song
Forcing me to worship my darkened messiah

Deep in the chambers of that evil temple
I give eternal praise to my lost mistress

I’ve surrendered to my hateful lover